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About our Tracht

Tracht is the word used to describe the costume that we wear. We have several different outfits.

Our Festtracht is what we wear on special occasions. Our Festtracht is a Miesbacher Tracht, which means that it is the style that is worn in the Miesbach region of Bavaria, Germany.

The men's Tracht includes a long-sleeved white linen shirt with vertical pleats in front, dark red cloth tie (same material as the women's skirt), green wool vest with red piping, black Lederhosen with green Stickerei (embroidery) on the flap and legs, black leather Hosenträger (suspenders) with Quersteg (crosspiece) embroidered with the Bavarian crest, gray wool knee socks with green trim, black shoes, and a green velour hat adorned with a Gamsbart.

The women's Tracht includes a short-sleeved white linen blouse, black Mieder (bodice) fastened with silver chain/hooks/pins, white linen shawl with cotton lace inserts, dark red pleated skirt with two bands of black ribbon near the hemline, white linen apron, white knitted stockings, black shoes, green velour hat adorned with a white plume feather, and traditional Bavarian jewelry. Most of the pieces are imported from Germany.

Here is a photo of what it looks like.

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